The Red Admiral Story

The Red Admiral Press is in the business of bringing you the best and most innovative children’s books of the 21st century.

Located in a disused water tower on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the Red Admiral Press is commited to publishing quality books for both children and adults.


Cayem T Rawin: Editor

Born in Pune, Maharashtra, and educated at Cambridge, Cayem (or ‘K’ to his friends) works on a short-term contract basis with pension funds and insurance companies around the world. With a passion for literature in English, French and Marathi, Cayem started The Red Admiral with Tracy Weiman in 2015.

Tracy Weiman: Writer, Illustrator

The Red Admiral began as a vehicle to present Tracy Weiman’s forgotten children’s books to the world, but soon developed into something more. Tracy is an American currently living in Amsterdam, where she met both Cayem and Áine in 2013.

Áine McWryat: Illustrator

Áine began life as a schoolteacher with a talent for drawing, and married a Dutch man in 1964. After his death she moved back to her native Eigg, but still comes to Amsterdam occasionally to manage her business affairs. It was during one of these trips that she met Cayem and Tracy.

RAP Kindle e-books now available!

kindle art booksAfter quite a bit of soul-searching and market research, we’ve decided to bring the Red Admiral up to date at last; all of Tracy’s books are now available in Kindle format from your local Amazon outlet. You can click and read and swipe and flip your way through Tracy’s little world – and when you’ve had enough, you can switch that little world off, just like a table lamp. The wonders of the steam age!


kindle art run copy

I said ‘Lunch’, not ‘Launch’!


Well, it’s finally time for all of us here at The Red Admiral to join the 21st century, and the creative team of Tracy and K Rawin have been busy for months to get everything together for the new Red Admiral website (, and our ongoing blog here at

Sometimes our editor and business manager Cayem T Rawin will take the helm – speaking mostly of our products and their development; and sometimes Tracy will let her voice be heard – and who can say what she’s going to write about? It might even be that the elusive Àine McWryat can be persuaded to put up a post or two, when she comes into Holland from her home on Eigg.

Anyway, the plan is to let everyone know about the things that are going on inside the dense, impenetrable walls of Red Admiral Tower. Thank you for coming, and we invite you to stop back often!